Hi, I'm Rebecca, and I'm the person behind WhirlyBird Designs.

Born in 2012, WhirlyBird Designs started out simple.  A way to enjoy a creative outlet; a hobby.  Overtime, it grew, and I grew with it.  Now its my third child.  I nuture it, I help it grow, and I embrace its future.

What's in a name?  WhirlyBird Designs is a nod to my husband--A Naval Aviator.  he flies helicopters, otherwise known as "Whirly Birds".  My husband has been my biggest supporter as my business has grown, and has helped me a tremendous amount along the way.  When it came time to pick a name, as I went over the various options, and nothing seemed to fit, I remembered something an old college professor said--Never name a company or product after yourself.  Name it after something that inspires you.  That is when WhirlyBird Designs was born.  

Every item in my shop is made my me.  I punch every hole, I wrap every wire, I engrave every letter, and I mail every package.  I'm a true small business owner, with no employees.  I believe in the beauty of small business, and I appreciate the creativity that I am able to embrace daily.  If you send an email--you'll receive a response directly from me.  If you have questions, I'll be the person answering them.  I love working along with my customers, from beginning to end, together.

So whether you need a small gift for a friend, or a large order of wedding favors, I'm here to help bring your vision to life.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.  I'm *almost* always around.

Let's create something beautiful together.