Whirlybird Designs

As a Navy wife, and Mom to two beautiful children, its pretty easy to say I live a hectic life. My friends often think I'm crazy to also own a business on top of my normal day to day routines. But the truth is, I love what I do. I love my customers, and I do my very, very best to provide excellent customer service, beautiful products, and pieces that I would be honored to receive as a gift.

My shop's history isn't too terribly exciting. I've always carried the title of "the crafty one" in the family, and one day, I stumbled upon Hand Stamped Jewelry. I loved the personalized nature of it, making each piece special in its own way, and often, having its own unique story. After A LOT of research I set out to start this journey, on a very small scale, and I have been able to grow it into a wonderful business venture.

So, with the help of my wonderful husband, WhirlyBird Designs was born! We chose the name to represent our life. You see, my husband is a helicopter pilot, and while it means he is away at lot, it also means that our world is surrounded by "whirlybirds".

Now, I get to be creative on an almost daily basis, and I get to teach my kids along the way. My daughter is my little side kick, always "helping" me make the next piece of jewelry, and the inspiration for many of my designs.

I'm still learning, as we all are in our various endeavors, but I'm loving every single minute of being my own boss. Every single piece in my shop is made by me. Its hand stamped, hand wired, and hand shipped by me. I do my best to make every piece a quality piece of art, that you would be proud to wear or share with others. Please don't ever hesitate to contact me with any questions or design ideas.

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